A search for surrender

There is a blogger here (I believe it is a woman–I don’t remember) that has written a small piece on surrender. I think it was at the beginning of the new year. I had a thought when I read it, and in my stupidity I did not write it down.

As I have forgotten, if you are here please say “here,” and direct me, please. If you have written or have read a piece on surrender please direct me to it. It is much appreciated.

What for? The business is of my own. I am doing some research on a matter, that is all you need to know. I am in a bit of a mood so forgive me if you want. Again your assistance is very much appreciated.

Thank you.

23 thoughts on “A search for surrender

    1. I did love, and have read some of what was there. No spark. It is a relatively old post, as I read it when I had just started blogging at the start of the year. It annoys the fuck out of me when I can’t remember something.

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