Eyes Wide Open, Part 2…

A lovely written creative piece going on over at Ladies Who Lunch Review. This is part-2 of 3 parts so far. Head on over and check it out. Great writing.


I was going one way with this story, then decided on this route.  What do you think, does it work or no?  Read Part 1 here


Mr. Gorgeous turns to me just as I’m turning toward him and wow, those eyes!  Pale icy blue like foam on the ocean.  “Ooh, that’s good,” I think.  “I should write that down.”  I catch myself before I pull out my phone and remember that I’m in the middle of flirting with the best looking guy I’ve seen in awhile.

“Grayson” he says, extending a hand.  “Oh, and I’m Jamie,” I say, “and thank you for the drink, Grayson.”  “Of course,” he nods, enveloping my proffered hand in both of his.  “Please call me Gray. I’ve seen you here before.”  It’s not a question and I feel the warmth of his hands slowly chafing mine and gently try to tug my hand away…

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