How to be Unfuckwithable

You guys and gals will like this a lot. Enjoy.


Always wear great shoes.
And sexy stockings.
Don’t text your ex.
Know that you’re worth a whole fucking lot and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
When people put their shit on to you tell them –
That is your shit, not mine.
Say it again.
That is your shit, not mine.
Stop apologising.
Acknowledge the wolf whistlers
Then give them the finger.
Get into shape.
Drink that green juice, if you have to.
Remember that love is perilous
But go for it anyway
On your own terms.
Carry a yoga mat
Even if you never use it.
Walk with confidence.
Put your shoulders back.
Walk tall.
Do not accept mediocre.
Wear perfume.
Don’t be scared to ask for help.
Don’t let anyone put you down.
Know that you deserve the best.
Stop caring what everyone thinks.
Be you.
And most importantly
Be strong
Strong enough
Click Alt Delete

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43 thoughts on “How to be Unfuckwithable

      1. I like the sun. It just doesn’t like me. I burn in the shade, even wearing sun block. I am good with accents so I figure I will fit in really fast in Ireland with my auburn hair, grey eyes and fair skin. After a couple weeks everyone wll thing I was born there.

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      1. Oh, we will, just have to make the plans we have a timeshare there so just have to decide when — things are complicated right now with the kids and dogs and life in general, lol. Just realized I’m whining about going to Hawaii, lol. You’re having summer now, yes

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