Searching for God?

If two persons were to approach me, one saying, “I have found God speaking to a tree.” The other saying, “I found God praying to the cross.” I would believe the one that spoke to the tree.

There is not a person alive that can come to me with a straight face and tell me, they have found God in church, especially today’s evolutionary church. They are telling me a bold face lie.

There is no church, no temple, no mosque, where you will find God. God does not exist in such walls. The priest cannot show you God more than a thunderstorm can. The priest will not show you God. The priest words are designed to herd you, not free you. The priest aim is to shackle you in chains, make you a donkey, an oxen–A slave. The priest simply wants to rule you. Incidentally, so does the politician.

God is personal. God does not want to enslave you. God wants you free. God wants you as an individual with personal prayer between the two or you, not recited words placed in your mouth. God wants you in rebellious form capable of expanding infinitely. God wants your heart fill to bursting with love. Infinite love. In your heart, and in your heart alone is where you find God. God is personal. God is not religion.

These are by no means radical thoughts. These are thoughts that fearless men and women have had for years. Fearless people in personal relationships with God that were hung, crucified, beheaded. Why?

Fear. Absolute fear on part of the church, on the part of religion.

If you are free. If you are fearless. If you are rebellious with your heart filled to the brim with love there is no need for you to ever step foot into a church. There is no need for you to search for God. God does not need searching for. God is plain as day. God is truth. God is the tallest tree in the forest. God is the forest. God is in your heart. And when you are filled fat with absolute love, you are God. Your cannot be controlled or ruled by anyone.

It is why you will be seek out and attempted to be destroyed by the church, by religion, and the head pounding ostriches that line up in masses to pray to a cloth. It is why they will attacked you with hate and anger. It is why they will give you scripture upon scripture of rules. It is why they will give you quotes upon quotes of an outdated mind written bible. God does not reside in the bible one bit. God resides in your own heart. The heart of all men. A heart full of love cannot be controlled. It is endless. It is why they seek to destroy you. You cannot be ruled. It is why the politician and the church will always be in cahoots–To rule you.

As I’ve said, this is nothing novel. Its been around for ages. It is just a reminder:Scriptures cannot show you God. Only love can. Scriptures cannot open your heart the way love can. You are searching for God? Search no further than within you. Love with a whole open heart, and you will find God. You will be God. Love the tree. Love the thunderstorm. Love the ocean. Love them all. Love the ones that scream heresy at you. But be an individual, be rebellious. Be personal with God. Be endless.

37 thoughts on “Searching for God?

  1. I admire the boldness with which you believe what you do. I grew up Christian but had a crisis of faith several years back and now I don’t know what I believe. It is closer to this than to how I grew up, though. Whatever people believe, they should believe like you do- wholeheartedly. Hopefully I’ll get there.

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      1. Just believe that God is within you. All around you. Believe it with a full heart. You can’t find it in church or religion. You just find it. Have you ever been somewhere and spoken to someone and they were so genuinely nice to you. The whole feeling lifted you up. Love was all about the moment. It felt special. God was there.


      2. is he? Then why doesn’t he answer the prayers of the people who love him?

        I don’t mean to debate with you. I just don’t know. I think I am going to go on a quest to answer the questions I have.

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      3. debates are fine. Truthfully it is not up to him or the universe however you see God as to give the answers. As I believe God is in all men. We as human beings must and should answer some of the things that plague this world. I believe that love really can heal all, truthfully I do. They say that you take a handful of billionaires in the world, and they can cure hunger in the entire world, yet, still have abundance of money left over. Why don’t they. Why don’t they love like that. So many things can be solved just by loving, that is just an example. We have that power.


      4. I think we are just defining God differently. I believe that too. I believe in love. I think the divine is in everyone. That everyone has a responsibility and a capacity to love. That whatever way we can, we must love each other. Those billionaires are so far removed from themselves that they probably can’t feel that in themselves, that drive to love each other. Love is what drives me every day and I’m glad of it. I get hurt but I can’t stop loving. I think when we give up love and hope, life becomes dark. Sometimes it’s hard to hold on to but I try.

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      5. My darling let me say this, God cannot be defined or actualize. God is not that being. It may be somewhat philosophical, but is God pure space. Pure love. No one can show you God. You will find God on your own, on your own terms. People will give advice upon advice, but you know what they say, only fools give advice. Just be open, and continue loving, and you will be fine. I can promise you that. but keep questioning. It is very healthy to question.


  2. I love this and absolutely agree. I understand that there are people that believe in conventional religion and respect their right to believe what they want. The Godhead I believe in is so much bigger, more personal and more real than that. I’m sharing this!


  3. This is an excellent post. Fully agree with you. While reading I feel it as a reflection of my mind. In this evolutionary era , every thing around us has changed a lot including the calmness of churches or temples or mosques.

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  4. I grew up in a Catholic household but this past year has really tested my faith. I haven’t stepped foot into a church in a long time and I’m starting to realise, much as you described in your post, that God really does reside in our heart and in all the beauty and goodness of the world. I’ve been telling my kids for a long time that God is everywhere and in us when we love and I think, finally, that I believe in my own words. Powerful post, Ridge.

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  5. DOWN WITH THE DOGMA! My childhood consisted of going to a Catholic school and being ostracised from wearing pretty white dresses on communion day because I was not baptised. After school my Nan was going through a Jehovah witness moment and I had to have 1 hour lessons from a JW every day after school and my friends and I all went to a re born Christian church to get drunk in the Lords spirit . I always felt a fraud. GoD and spirit is in our heart. So true

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  6. I absolutely love this post. Thank you so much for sharing and for your boldness to say what you did. I admire this. I was raised Catholic and went through all the ritual things and did it . But as I grew older I realized this is a big ole lie and in fact did something as a small child in the confessional booth. to this day I can hear the priest gasp.. Thank you for the inspiration. I am going to share some of my stories and memories.. Have a great and blessed day.

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