Dear Reader(s)

Yesterday I was off the blog platform because I had nothing to say. I also wanting to catch up on some personal reading and journal writing. Nothing is wrong if anyone is wondering. All is fine. Sometimes I just like to be still and quiet in the world. I am like that at times. I am sure you can understand that.

Shortly, I will get to any comments that are outstanding. Forgive me for leaving you hanging–nothing is meant by it. I appreciate you wholeheartedly.

I have a question that I will like some assistance on. I have been thinking about installing some pages on my blog. Do you find it better to have different pages on a blog or do you like the continuous scroll better. Your thoughts on the matter is appreciated.

Thank you


39 thoughts on “Dear Reader(s)

  1. In my mind it depends on if the information is meant to be static and always reachable. Contact information and About pages are good examples of this type of information. It’s convenient to have a dedicated page, which can be easily navigated to, rather than to create a post, which can get lost or buried over time.


      1. Hi, not sure if all themes are the same but on mine you look under menus and it gives you info on the dashboard about it. I had to make a second menu and decide if you want to use tags or categories an edit the pages that way. Then any post that’s marked that way goes to the right page. Under help on the menu page I think there’s a tutorial. Hope that’s helpful!

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  2. Pages are for information you want to always be available, your bio, other info-type stuff. Blogs are for your articles, or whatever. If you tag it, it will automatically go into a category. If you start putting your blogs on pages, it will confuse people and make things harder to find. How many you want on your index page (main blog page) is up to you, but the less people have to click, the better, as you usually lose readers when they have to navigate. Keep things as clear and easy as possible. People do not want to have to figure things out and may not bother. IMHO

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  3. Hey Ridge! I do the same thing. It’s good to take a break and read up on other blogs. That’s what I do when I disappear. To answer your question, I’m a simple girl. I like scrolling. I don’t like the fancy shmancy blogs with the pages and categories and such. Just my opinion though. Hugs Sweet Friend!

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