On Blog Promotions

If you have taken notice I started doing blog promotions about 2 weeks ago. I look for blogs that either have unique content or attempt to inspire and lift up humanity in someway. The underlying focus, though, is on bloggers that have written books that fall into that construct.

I have an immense amount of respect for a person that has taken the time to sit down and pen out a book. I believe it takes much discipline and courage to do it. As any author may attest to, it is a difficult thing. I appreciate all efforts in doing the difficult. The blog promotions are just my attempt on giving those bloggers work exposure. It is my showing gratitude for embracing the hard.

I have a tradition when I have completed reading a book (I usually save the last pages or so for when it can be done). I sit back with a glass of wine, and I complete the pages. At the final end (if there is such a thing with books) I give them a toast of thanks–“Thank you for writing it.”

I will never outright ask you for a reblog with anything that I have written. However, I ask you to reblog all of the blog promotions. The purpose is to give the blogger, the writer, as much exposure as possible.

So, support the writer, please.

Thank you.

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