10 Relatable Things For People On A Diet

A funny short read/list on diet. Thought you guys may enjoy.

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Rosie Culture

  1. You’re sick of hearing it’s a “lifestyle change”

I cannot give up bread for the rest of my life I’m sorry

  1. You only strictly diet when you have to look skinny for something

Maybe if I go to the gym three days in a row I’ll have a six pick for spring break

  1. You can’t give up alcohol

I just…..can’t

  1. Giving into cravings

Eating just a scoop of ice cream can’t be that bad… Maybe I’ll have two scoops…

  1. Counting calories has you questioning everything you learned in math/ science

Wtf is the difference between an ounce and a gram?? How many almonds is it?!?

  1. When people eat unhealthy and delicious food in front of you

Must resist the temptationnnn

  1. When you’re not seeing any results

Maybe I should just go back to eating a snickers every day

  1. Mindlessly eating during your favorite tv shows then remembering you’re on a…

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54 thoughts on “10 Relatable Things For People On A Diet

      1. I mean it is their body. I will give in to a woman’s desire of how she wants it looking down there though, since she is the one going down there. It is appreciation.


      1. I was sprinting for the ball, and felt the pull in the back of my right leg. So it feels like it is on the edge, every now and then when I make certain movements I can feel it wanting to pull. It’s fucking annoying to be honest.


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