Some reasons why I love women

For the most part women are very visual. They can see an empty room and visualize the potential. Similarly, they can see a man in his gruff and see him refined.

A woman can cut you down with a smile. You may find that you are not mad that she insulted you.

A vagina is the only thing I know that can make me act insane. I once drove from Brooklyn to North Carolina for vagina. I hate fucking driving.

You can be with a woman for a year and not even know she farts. She takes dumps like a spy.

A woman could give two-fucks about your logic. They are intuitive. They start social epidemics off feelings alone.

They make yoga pants look sexy as…

They have time machines for fashion. They can bring the past back–Just look at Roman sandals.

They grow humans in their belly.

A mother can hear her child sound amongst a hundred screaming kids.

They can put their hands into their purse and pull out a Chapstick or a mint without even looking. Have you ever looked inside a woman’s purse. Shit, it’s like an entire season of Lost.

Who the fuck do you know that can chase a taxi down in high-heels and a power suit in peek Manhattan hours, and not break a sweat.

Who to fuck do you know that can squeeze into that…

What face do you know “that launch’d a thousand ships.”

50 thoughts on “Some reasons why I love women

      1. That is good. I read that you were subconsciously angry. Don’t be. I appreciate you. As far as how I am of course I could complain but you are not coming to hug me now are you. So I won’t

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