Poison Honey

I knew when we met it wouldn’t last
But I was a sucker for your lips
Even though every word
Poured through the curve
Were waterfalls of lies
Filling up an ocean of deceit
But they sounded good girl
Raindrops from heaven
Bathing my ear with sweet bullshit-

Poison honey

Me your bumble bee
sucking your nectar like a fool
Too cool to see past my ego
An accessory on my arm
Like a solitary star
against the black night.
A light already dead and gone
Everyone knew it
But me.


56 thoughts on “Poison Honey

  1. Some substances which are toxic to humans have no effect on bees. If bees obtain their nectar from certain flowers, the resulting honey can be psychoactive, or even toxic to humans, but innocuous to bees and their larvae.


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