Ghetto Blues

Doves don’t cry in the ghetto-
Pigeon shit.
Some caged, get flipped:

Intruder Alert!
Blue and white hearse.

Welcome to this curse.

Youth boy chin-up
On DON’T WALK signs.
In his mind build that back
For the climb

He’ll never be strong enough
To climb out this pain
It’s a slippery slope in the rain.

Tension strapped in his traps,
Shoulder boulders too hard
To move.

No matter.
Tomorrow is yesterday.

Puerto Ricans play ghetto tennis,
Hand smash ball against wall
Dominicans let the dominoes fall

Basketballs fly in the air
Out of black flamingos
Jump shot to riches

Flatfoot shot poor.

Tailor-made chalk outline on the floor-
One size fits all.

This block a graveyard
with liquor store churches
And barbershop schools.

Gully O G’s shape grey beards
Reminiscing when crack was in
Giving Frank White sermons.

Pinkie ring pimps
Now with diabetes limps.

Recycled disease

Out there on the horizon
A selfie generation
Wearing Jesus piece nooses
Already in black skin coffin
-Buried under the sun.

66 thoughts on “Ghetto Blues

      1. Music was good. Not as good as Saturday, I don’t think. But I heard the Diego El chigala everyone was huffing about, and the dude rocked. What a character. His mannerism are epic. Spain dude. Pretty cool


    1. Gully is a street slang. It means gansta. Gutter. Imagine Samuel Jackson in pulp fiction he was a gully mofo. Badmofo. Frank white is a fictional character in the movie king of New York. A drug lord.

      I am glad you liked it

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I feel like I’m taking a class with you in street smarts or something. Thanks for being so patient. I do like most of your writing (the one about the dog is still my favorite!) I just need the Cliff Notes to go along with them! Maybe I’ll work some into my writing, lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. My empathic ability has become quite sensitive and I have trouble fighting off so much at once. I don’t even have to be in the same city or state to connect to people anymore.


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