Bloggers that wrote books

I have finally completed my readings of books from bloggers (

It took ages, I know. Apologies.

I will not give full book reviews as I am pressed for time. Besides, I really don’t know how to give a proper book review. I will just give it a rating from 1 to 5, and my immediate feelings about the book. If you will like to go ahead and support the author’s book, do so on your own accord.

John Sharpe: No. 1,348 (Underworld)
by Riley J Froud.

You can get this book on amazon. It is free if you have kindle unlimited.

Rating: 1

I found the book to be dry and boring. It needs to be rewritten.

The Zen Lounge
by A.C Melody.

You can get it on amazon now for $4.02. I forgot what I got it for.

Rating: 2

The book is easy, fun, and quick to read. Is it worth $4? That depends on you. I could get a piss beer for $4. Spending a day reading a book was worth $4.

This final book was not a part of the original blog, but I will add it, since the author is a blogger here.

Seeing Red (A Bucks County Novel Book 2)
by Margaret “Meg” Sorick.

You can get it on amazon for $4.20.

Rating: 3

The book is good. It’s ambitious. It falls at certain points as the writer loves details, but the story is done well, well etched characters. If you are at a beach needing a read, you will enjoy it. You will also take it with you the next day to finish it up.


That is it. I will do another one of these down the road.

If you are offended–Remember, an acquaintance will tell you what you want to hear, a friend will tell you what you need to hear.


Enjoy your day/night/whatever.

Go love and kiss with tongue.

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