23 thoughts on “About a man that never learned from his mistakes

      1. And enjoyable. So I just learned something. East coast people say “Yeppers” and Midwest people say “Yuppers” 🙂 Your energy feels odd today. I know that is probably a creepy thing to say but it’s out there now.


      2. I don’t know where I got yeppers from. Not sure if it is east coast or not. I can’t put a finger in my energy at the moment as I am just waking up in a still in bed sort of way. But I feel alright.

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      1. Well, I don’t like to think about some things I did when I was young. All part of growing up, I guess. But would I change some things if I could? Sure. Can’t dwell on it, tho, it doesn’t help. But writing is good for me, I’ve kind of found myself, I think. I like me more now!

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