Catch you on the flip side

Lovelies, I am out for the day. I am taking off work tomorrow, so I plan on getting drunk on wine and pester the night. I may be in a mood tomorrow, or may not. Just depends on how much the night pesters me back.


That if your heart aches, I, and others, feel your pain. Our thoughts are with you.


That you are not alone in this world.


That you are beautiful.


That the world is even more amazing because YOU exist in it.

As always, be kind to strangers, let your smiles be jumper cables for their hearts. Go and make love, and kiss with tongue, lots of tongue. Out of nowhere pull your lover into you and kiss them hard with passion.

Love you all truly, totally, and wholly. It is just how I roll, with love in my pocket. That’s my currency. My wealth is my love. Make it yours, too. It is the only way this beautifully fuck up world will be healed–with love. So go and spread your love.


20 thoughts on “Catch you on the flip side

    1. I am good darling. Just working on a business venture here. Trying to go out on my own. Tired of working for another person so have been busy with that. I miss you guys and blogging, but just have to prioritize some. No worries. All is not lost.

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      1. Hello my friend how are you? What I am feeling is concern, so yes maybe. Like you jumped headlong into something you wanted and it’s not gone the way you expected. The winds of change are blowing though, so set a crystal clear intention in your heart and release it to the universe. Stay positive. I am a willing ear if you want to talk. Email me if you need to.


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