Tell me about love

Tell me about love, she said.

The only thing I know about love is this:

The world is better and more sound with you in it.
My heart beats for you every day.

It is as if I have known you my whole life.
It is as if we have been waiting

For each other in the chaos
Of other peoples love and hearts.

You make my heart sing, she said.

I would battle at your side on this earth, love.
Grow old with you in a house by the water.

Drink wine,
And make love all day.

There is nothing better, she said.

15 thoughts on “Tell me about love

      1. Late night naked ocean under the moon. I was on the beach after dark this summer and I thought that it was so dark that it’s an awesome place to have sex out in the open.


  1. That first line made me think of how I respond to people who ask me about love.I quote Eric Stoltz’s Mime from the movie Singles.

    “Let me tell you about love. Love disappears, baby!”

    As you can tell I tend to speak in movie quotes. 🙂


  2. Moved back home with my mum, with all the difficulties that comes with, the ocean is 2 minutes drive away 🙂
    This was gorgeous. And makes me hold onto the positives of where I am.


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