How to come back to blogging after an absence

Hello all that remembers me…and missed me.

The majority of “coming back” posts have some long drawn out apology about life being busy, and so on. No shit.

I am taking a year off from apologizing. Even if I voted for Trump I wouldn’t apologize.

This ignorant mofo…

So what happened, Ridge?

Do you really care, man.

What have you been up to?

I’ve been living in the moment. It is why when you walk down the street there is all this chalk writing on the concrete. I’ve been writing eulogies at the end of every block—each street is new to me.

Are you back for good?

There is no such thing.

We missed you Ridge. Can you tell us a story.

I have  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I have this thing with stepping on cracks on the sidewalk. I must step over them, or move around them. I have a superstitious fear that if I step on a crack that I will never find my true love. One day I met this girl. I fell in love with this girl. She fell in love with me. It was blissful. As these things go, she started to irritate me. So I broke it off with her. Some days went by, and of course, I realized what I was missing. I wanted her back. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. She was the One. I stalked her. I approached her as she was coming out of work to tell her I was sorry, and I wanted her back, and how much I was in love with her. She was still hurt. The pain was on her face. She ran down the street crying. Her tears were so heavy, each one that dropped caused micro-earthquakes on the street.


Happy Valentines day…

Go kiss, with tongue…

I’ll be in touch.

90 thoughts on “How to come back to blogging after an absence

      1. Ups and downs. Highs and lows. Goods and bads. Mainly I’m trying to enjoy the rhythm of life. The highs may not stay, but the lows don’t last for forever either.

        I’ve genuinely have missed your posts and am glad to see you’re still around. I’ve been hoping the best for you. From your post it sounds like a rough time on your end.


      2. 2016 seem yucks for a lot of people I know. my mother says to just surf the waves I do…So we do…

        Thanks bunches for the best wishes. The post doesn’t reflect how I am feeling, it was just a story, or maybe it does behind the mind, who knows. I am good though, I’m surfing the waves…

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      1. On a roller coaster. Breast cancer, surgery, complications, chemo, lost my hair and one boob. But I finished chemo last month, went to Hawaii for some R&R, still need final reconstructive surgery but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Just getting back to writing more… How are you? How’s mom? Weren’t you doing some new business venture?


      2. I am sorry to hear of your ups and downs. I find you awesome to battle on. My thoughts are with you, glad there is light. I am fine, love. I can complain but pocket lint in the grand scheme of things. My mother is a goddess, she just keeps on, you know. Biz venture. pffftt. Fell off

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      3. I really am good with a very good prognosis. They do this genome testing on the tumor and that decided that chemo would help prevent a recurrence. Trust me, there’s a lot of humor once you get past the shock. And I had to write about it on my blog, cause I love to overcharge! I’m sorry about your venture. What r u doing now?


      1. No bullshit. It’s really good for you, plus there are hot chicks in the classes, except if you make the mistakes and go into the pregnant yoga class. The women give you a moody get the fuck out look…at least that’s what i’ve heard.

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      2. mm hmm. That’s what you heard, lol. I do enjoy the gym. It’s a fun place full of sweat and spandex and grunting.


      3. Aw, man. No grunting? I love sex noises. And heavy breathing. Sometimes I get distracted if I’m next to someone who is breathing hard, lol.


      1. I am doing well. I survived 2016. Nine years and the dramatic change they bring can suck if you are not prepared. The only thing I was not prepared for was the murder of a friend on my birthday. But we talk often so it’s all good. So far this year I am making great headway toward my goals.


      2. Thank you, he’s not gone, just not here anymore. We hung out and talked a couple nights ago and that was fun. Nine years are full of endings. they shake us up and get the old out so we can move on. It doesn’t make it in any way fun.

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      1. Oh, you’ve hit the nail on the head. I know all that, in fact I used to tell my son that, now I’m the guilty one. I actually sleep ok, just don’t get enough of it! Mia culpa.


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