Inside my heart there is a note

You see

There is this cave behind my ribcage
Filled with flutters,

Bats clinging on lime stones
Forming columns of heartache.

Wings flapping against the inside of my chest,
Caged memories beating the rhythm of ballads.

The other night a window breeze
brushed my foot.

I awoke.

A wind shoved me through a requiem.
Painful hymns from the buried.

Finally. I sit.

At a pool overflowing from a waterfall of tears,
Fuck you’s, and who cares.

I cut a vein and fed the pool.
Dipped a brush and penned a note

On the walls of my heart
I wrote,

Get the fuck over it…



19 thoughts on “Inside my heart there is a note

      1. Don’t take this the wrong way but you are easy for me to connect to. You seem familiar somehow. There is a new opportunity coming. Be sure it’s what you want and if it is fully commit. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box and find a new way. It will take you to a place that you will be truly grateful for.


      2. Only if you’re alright with that. You know how you meet someone and you get that feeling of familiarity but you’ve never seen them before. Okedoke changing subject. This opportunity is going to be good for you. It will have its crap days, all jobs do, but this one will give you the freedom to be more creative in how you do your work.


      3. I was just teasing with the easy comment. I think I have good aura, and I think people are attracted to positive energy, so maybe I am easy to find in that way–maybe I am approachable.

        Freedom to be more creative would be spectacular.

        How are you today.

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      4. I am fabulous! I am ahead of my goals for the month 🙂 Just finished my Daily Draw post. I got a big post for my other blog done. My hope is to start posting more normally in March. I’ve been away for a few months. Taking classes and working on a book for beginning tarot readers and I am moving in a couple months. I am rambling so I will shut up now.


      5. I am moving back to Portland Oregon. Perhaps not the city itself. I love big cities but I can’t be around large numbers of people anymore. My empathic ability is too sensitive. I’d be curled up in a ball screaming in pain and telling people to get away from me. Get out of my auric field! I also love the mountains, and the ocean is less than an hour away.
        The book is actually one of my sleeping inspirations. It’s coming along well. I am through the major arcana. My plan is to be done with the first draft by summer.

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