Somewhere amongst all that nothingness I roam and wander. I live this plotless life.

This will be the haven of my thoughts and actions as I stroll through all this (shit).

Feel free to journey with me through my plotless life.


Follow Me

You don’t know how you met me
You don’t know why
You can’t turn around and say goodbye
All you know is when I’m with you
I make you free
And swim through your veins like a fish in the sea
I’m singin Follow Me everything is alright
I’ll be the one to tuck you in at night
And if you
Want to leave I can guarantee
You won’t find nobody else like me.
lyrics from Uncle Kracker “Follow Me.”
POST SCRIPT: Please do not respond in comments with thanks for the follow, I have used up my allotment of “no worries.” Besides, you will make me seem like a slut cheating on other bloggers. Just say “Hi, your blog is awesome, lovely to meet you.”
POST POST SCRIPTUM: The only thing I sell here is YOU. Along with blogging this that and the other, I will make all attempts to promote your blog within the confines of my time.

161 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, your blog is awesome. Lovely to meet you. πŸ˜€

    No, but seriously, your blog is awesome, and it probably would be quite interesting to meet you. πŸ˜‰

    Keep it up; I look forward to reading more. πŸ™‚ Best, phoebe


  2. Love the “about me” section of your blog and really looking forward to reading more posts on the blog now I am following you. No doubt I will be commenting more in the future. Love a good comment do I! Have a good evening. πŸ˜„

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  3. Hopefully you don’t mind (easier to ask for forgiveness than permission), but I have nominated you for the β€œOne Lovely Blog” award. If you would like to play along and keep the award going feel free to check out the information about it through the link below. No hard feelings if you would rather not. Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you.

    I hope you have an awesome weekend. : )



      1. oh you act out characters? That is a way. me I usually talk to myself about stuff that I need to do: get toothpaste, email this person, do laundry, kill the neighbors cat, buy wine, calls this person, you know stuff like that.

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      2. Chiropractor. You said something about killing the neighbor’s cat, so… And toothpaste and wine? Together? Some weird new cocktail? πŸ˜‰ I’m more of a whiskey drinker myself, hold the toothpaste.


      3. Thank you, I appreciate that. I am very informal, though. And my blogging has almost nothing to do with my profession, so I prefer to think of you all as my friends not my colleagues or patients. 😊


  4. I found your blog via a meet and greet I hosted in which I asked bloggers to promote a blog in addition to their own. Miriam recommended yours and I’m glad I was lead this way. I look forward to reading more and having this come up on my reader.

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      1. No, I’m lucky enough not to have to work anymore, hence, lady who lunches! Youngest son is handicapped, he’s older now, but years ago I stopped working to do therapies, etc. with him while dear hubby supported us. I missed writing so I started blogging. Now I look at everything in life as material for my blog —


      1. Err. Sorry to have missed the moment :\ Blame it on the time difference and maybe me running off to Walmart for the grocery shopping (when I discovered the refrigerator was actually empty!! O_o ) But I am here to enjoy whatever is left of the moment πŸ˜€ And thanks you for the compliments on my name πŸ™‚ The actual name is Meenakshi πŸ™‚ But it is an Indian name and difficult for others to get accustomed hence I adopted this one!! (Plus I like Minaxi so much better <3)

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      2. Thank you. You are the best ❀ And you always know how to put across the compliments in a very natural manner. πŸ™‚
        Today was actually a great day. Discovered some great blogs, had this wonderful chat with you and wordpress tells me it was the best day for likes of my blog on my new post. πŸ™‚

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  5. Love the Uncle Kraker song, one of my favorites. πŸ™‚ I won’t say ‘thanks for the follow’ because you haven’t…yet. I won’t say ‘awesome blog’ because I haven’t had a chance to read it …yet. So I’ll just say “Hey” and wish you a groovy weekend! Peace }I{

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  6. Thanks for the follow, oops, your blog is awesome, Need i say more? Truthfully thanks for having such a wonderful blog with wonderful people like me following you, oh before i forgot “lovely to meet you.” πŸ™‚


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